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Purchase Non-GMO, Organic and Conventional Grains for Feed and Food use.

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Resource Managed Supply Chains
Growers need a reliable market for their crops. Choice grain provides alternatives to local elevators and markets. We contract and make spot purchases of grain. We focus on Non-GMO and Organic grains. We understand that you are a businessperson that needs to make a profit. The revenue from the sale of your grain needs to pay for the effort and resources you spend to produce a quality crop. Our goal is to assist you in enhancing your profitability to achieve a sustainable farming business operation. Working with grower groups gives us access to markets not accessible to individual growers.

Consumers are demanding to know where their food is coming from and how it is grown and processed to know it is healthy and safe. Meeting those demands requires communication between farmers, processors and manufacturers.  Choice Grain is unique as we  provide the technology, expertise and communication channels that allow farmers and processors to work cooperatively within the supply chain to attain capabilities and functionalities that will benefit all participants. The attained resources and functionality of the Resourced Managed Supply Chain will support the growth, profitability, sustainability and integrity of the supply chain itself and all its members. 

Grower benefits include:
Better Prices for growing specific crops desired by the market. 

Access to more market options

Growing crops for a specific purpose and market vs growing crops and relying on commodity prices

Acreage contracting for crops

Access to Supply Chain Marketing

Access to Additional Resources from Choice Grain, Grower Groups and the Supply Chain including: 

    Soil Mapping Technologies

    Soil Fertility

    Cropping Plans

    Seed Selection

    Cropping Practices

    Data Management

    Risk Management

    Processing Capabilities 

Choice Grain gives you choices to enhance your profitability and sustainability. The choice is yours.  We do not mandate how you run your farming operation. We believe farming is a business and you need to make your business decisions. We assist you acquiring the resources and information needed to make decisions to maintain a profitable and sustainable business.


Toll Processing - Food and Feed
Choice Grain works with feed and food toll processors to provide grain products in the specific form and texture for a specific purpose. We are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of your crop any way we can.   

​​Our farmers will grow what you need!!