Food & Feed Processors - Products and Services Offered
Origination of specific grains & Ingredients
Non-GMO, Organic and Conventionally grown grains and ingredients. 

GRAINS:      Corn                Oats 

                       Soybeans      Other Small Grains 

                       Wheat             Field Peas 

                        Barley            Other Food Beans  

Ingredients:   Flour

                        Toasted/Roasted Grains

                         Protein Concentrates

                         Protein Isolates


                         Oil (Non-GMO & Organic)

Feed:              Grains of all types

                         Ground Grains

                         Soybean and other protein meals

                         Mid-Protein Ingredients


                         Non-GMO & Organic Oil

                         Custom Feed Mixes 

Resource Managed Supply Chains

Processors need reliable sources and supplies of product that meet their customer demands. Meeting those demands requires communication between

farmers, processors and manufacturers.  Choice Grain is unique in that we  provide the technology, expertise and free-flowing communication channels that

allow farmers and processors to work cooperatively to develop informed consumers. Choice Grain coordinates the needs of manufacturers with farmers and supplies information on how and where the grain was produced and manages production risk to attain reliable sourcing capabilities. The communication resources and functionality of the Resourced Managed Supply Chain will support the growth,  profitability and sustainability of all participants while meeting the consumers need to know. 

Processors gain the following:

                                                 Grain grown to specifications

                                                 Ingredients grown and processed to specifications

                                                 Documented Traceability System

                                                 Contracting of Future Supply (quantity & quality)  

Toll Processing - Food and Feed

Choice Grain works with feed and food toll processors to provide grain products in the specific form and texture you need. If you are looking

to expand production or launch a new product, Choice will work with you to secure the processing capabilities you require. Toll Processors 

must meet your requirements in processing capabilities and certifications and pass any approval process prior to contracting any product.



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